[thelist] [Usability] Where does the "*" required-marker go?

Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Mon Oct 14 04:28:01 CDT 2002

I tend towards a red star to the right of the label text -

<b>Name<span class="red">*</span>

With the following class definition:
.red {color: #ff0000;}

At the bottom of the form I use the following:

(<span class="red">*</span><i> - Required field</i>)

But as you say, it's more a case of pick a method that works for you and
then stick to it throughout all the pages on a site. That's undoubtedly the
most important part of using such a system.

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> Subject: [thelist] [Usability] Where does the "*" required-marker go?
> Another forms and usability question. (Yes, I like splitting hair)
> 1. Where does the "*" that marks required fields go?
> 2. Next to the field legend or next to the field itself?
> 3. To the left or to the right?
> 4. Any particular reasons for your choice?
> Most are going to groan, "hell... what's the big difference?" erm...
> still... i'm looking for opinions of the community about this
> 'trivial' and 'inconsequential' issue. indulge me ;)
> [abhay]

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