[thelist] Preventing right-clicking on a page?

Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Mon Oct 14 08:54:01 CDT 2002

The link I sent earlier includes some pages with examples of "working"
scripts. However I would still say that the way to prevent them from using
your work without authorisation is to use traditional business processes -
tell them quite simply that the work remains your property until such a time
as they have paid for its use. There is a legal system built up around
protecting your rights to show your client work without them appropriating

If the client are *that* slimy that they would consider stealing your work,
then you might want to question whether it is worth working for them at all

Good luck with it!


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> OK, I guess I should have explained my reasoning....btw, I
> totally agree
> with you, but this is different...
> I'm putting up a mockup image of a design for a client & we don't want
> them to Save it and use it internally instead of hiring us.  It's a
> one-time thing that we're going to keep up for a week for them to look
> at & then take it down immediately.  It's not public & I'm not worried
> about source being looked at...
> Yes, I do realize that they could print screen the page and
> do something
> with it, but I'm not sure that they're smart enough to know how to do
> that...
> Kyle

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