[thelist] regex for email addresses

Peter Barrett Peter.Barrett at corel.com
Tue Oct 15 09:17:00 CDT 2002

The part at the end {2,3} is saying that you're allowing either 2 or 3
characters of the type in type in the []'s. If you want to have at least
2, but any number greater than two, characters, use {2,}.

ie. regEx.Pattern


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I have an email address filter for the knuckleheads who don't like to
enter valid addresses to a mailing list.

Now, I'm not a big fan of filters because they need to be updated or
sometimes someone falls through the cracks.  Like .name domains.

Here's the RegEx Pattern, I know nothing about RegEx but I'd like to
allow domains over 3 characters, does anyone know the fix?  (I'm using
ASP by the
way)  Thanks!

regEx.Pattern ="^[\w-\.]{1,}\@([\da-zA-Z-]{1,}\.){1,}[\da-zA-Z-]{2,3}$"

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