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> Does it matter what the pixel dimensions are?  Because it was when I
changed the
> dpi the pixel dimensions changed alot even thought the cm stayed the same,
> apologises for being a bit stupid on this area.

The size of the image is determined by the DPI (dots per inch) and Pixel
Dimensions. You mentioned that you are at 300dpi, so every 300 pixels take
up one inch of space. If you were at 70dpi, it would only take 70 pixels to
take up one inch. This is why when you raise the dpi of an image, you get a
larger pixel count, but the actual printed size of the image stays the same.
Its also why images with a higher dpi look better when printed, because
there are more pixels to show more detail.

Remember though, that monitors are based on pixels, not inches. So, your
300dpi image will look bigger on the screen than a 70dpi one, but they would
both end up the same size when printed.

Jason Bauer
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