[thelist] CF: Clearing a cached query?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Oct 15 10:29:01 CDT 2002

> unless I'm reusing the query (which is another avoidable problem)


morgan, have a care, i'm an old man and my heart can't take that kinda

i am certain you meant something other than what it sounds like

reusing a query is not a problem

it is something to aspire to, not avoid

> putting a query in an include seems to add to disorganization

again, you got to be shitting me

i am certain you meant something other than what this flat out says

heck, i throw every query into an include file on principle, even if only
one page will ever call it

> when there are perfectly viable solutions (like the one I presented).

see, that's the deal, your idea to parameterize the timespan was excellent,
so i know you must've just misspoke yourself in those other comments

i am, by the way, quite interested in a solution

for certain queries on my site, up until now i've used 1 hour as the
timespan, figuring that i could wait an hour for the change to take
effect -- which is to say, for new data to appear on my site

i would set it to 6 months if i had a good way to flush the cache

there's data in my cms that i don't plan to change for that long or longer,
so it may as well live in cf's cache until then...

... unless i change it     ;o)


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