[thelist] Is there ONLY VeriSign???

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Tue Oct 15 10:40:01 CDT 2002

At 08:25 AM 10/15/2002, { schaapy } wrote:

>I know there are millions of places I can go to buy domain names but how is
>everything organized. Who are the overall people in charge - if there is
>such a person/company.
>For example: If I were to start my own domain name purchasing sit (which I'm
>not planning on doing) How would I get started?

In a nutshell...

Verisign (formerly NetSol) controls, but does not "own" the registry for
.com and .net. The .org is soon to be spun off to another group to control
and the .name/.biz/.museum, country codes et.al are controlled by "other"
companies. Verisign charges all registrars like $7 per domain registered
per year to be in the database. Once you post the $$$ (huge) fee to ICANN
and hassle with all their paperwork to become a registrar, you plug into
the domain database with Verisign (and all the others that control all the
other domain extensions). From there you basically front end for all these
databases for your clients.

Someone has to be in ultimate "control" of the database, in this case for
.com and .net it's Verisign.

However this is a more simple solution if you truely want to sell domain names:


TuCows lets you become a reseller of their services. They offer a wide
breath of domain extensions and you can sell SSL certs too.

Hope that helps.
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