[thelist] CF: Clearing a cached query?

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Tue Oct 15 10:42:01 CDT 2002

FYI, a bit off topic, but you can remove ALL queries from the cache by

<cfobjectcache action="clear">

Another solution is to NOT use query caching, but to store the query in
the application/server/session scope. Then you can nuke it by simply
overwriting it, or using structDelete to remove it.

In general, my #1 recommendation - use a CFC where the timeout is a
parameter. Default to having caching enabled.

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> morgan, have a care, i'm an old man and my heart can't take that kinda
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> i am certain you meant something other than what it sounds like
> reusing a query is not a problem
> it is something to aspire to, not avoid

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