[thelist] creating two-dimensional timetable in ASP/SQLServer

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Oct 15 10:50:26 CDT 2002

>>  this sounds almost like a gannt chart
> a what?

a chart with lines stretched across a time scale, representing the duration
of an activity from start to end

good for seeing parallel or dependent activities

> http://www.el.is/temp/class.htm

uh oh

i don't think i can help you

you're looking for a rowspan for your td, on the first row that prints the
start time of a class, but how do you know at that point how many rows
there are going to be for that class?

if this were my task, i might lay out my data on the output page
differently, even so far as to redesign the database table structure to
support it

i would use small time increments, a "crosstab" concept, and place an
"X" into every appropriate cell of the output, to avoid the need to know


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