[thelist] CF: Clearing a cached query?

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Tue Oct 15 12:50:00 CDT 2002

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From: "Morgan Kelsey" <morgan at morgankelsey.com>
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 1:00 PM

> i used to "include the design" into my applications, so each page in the
> site would either use a custom tag for a wrapper, or include common
> footers and sidebars, etc. then one day it dawned on me (well, someone
> whacked me on the head with a hammer really):
> it should be the other way around.
> include your apps into your design. you should have one design template,
> that contains all the common html. in the center of that, include your
> page-specific applications.
> think about it, its slightly different from the usual way of thinking.

Can you say, fusebox?  What happens, nagrom, when the content drives changes
in the container?  For example, lets say that there is supposed to be an
advertiser at the top of the page, but the advertiser is paying for display
only with articles from a specific section of the site?  Using the basic
design template model, this sort of scenario starts to break down and all
sorts of hacks get employed to make it work.  I have a huge amount of
experience with this methodology and I got disenchanted as the system grew
unmanagable and unlearnable to new people.

> works excellent with a custom 404 handler too....(and look i'm not
> i'm gonna lay it right out :p)
> your error handler generates parameters, and includes the design
> then, the middle of the design container (where most page specific content
> is), chooses which app to run based on the parameters produced by the
> handler.
> make sense? you'll end up including your includes less, if that makes
> hehe.

I think evolt was built like this, was it not?


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