[thelist] [OT] upgrading Mac from OS9 to OSX, thoughts?

Kimberly Carroll kimberly.carroll at art.com
Tue Oct 15 13:14:01 CDT 2002

My best advice is to install OSX as a clean install, not an upgrade to
The instructions for 'upgrade' and the tech notes do not adequately
explain the risks on the 'upgrade'.

I upgraded one of my machines from 9 to 10 and all was well for a week.
Then I had a kernel meltdown and nearly lost everything.

My other installs were done by backing up everything to CD and then
installing a clean version of 10.
No problems since.


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i'm thinking about upgrading my mac from os9 to osx. anything i should
be aware of before i make the purchase and do this? i don't deal with
macs much, in fact it's not even my mac, but i'm the computer guy so i
have to deal with it. is it fairly simple to do?

also, i think i've read somewhere that osx integrates well with a win2k
environment, is this true or did i just make that up?

comments, concerns, are welcome!

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