[thelist] Is there ONLY VeriSign???

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U.S Department of Commerce seeks to privatize the name and number addressing
system of Internet->
    -ICANN is formed to oversee this function, among other things->
        -ICANN controlled Internic oversees names(website.com) and IANA
oversees numbers(>
            -Private companies choosen to operate specific root servers,
physical machines(.com,.net.,.org,.us..)->
                -Network Solution(owned by Verisign) operates .com, .net,
and for now .org(soon to be ISOC)->
                     -There are other companies like Verisign who operate
root servers Neustar, Afilias...->

To be a registrar you need to submit certain application fees plus fees for
each domain name that you register for someone. For instance, Verisign
charges $6.00 for each name registered as well as a huge intiaition fee.


As you can imagine the ICANN is a powerfull corporation that has huge
political implications that must be held in check. Actually, some believe
that the ICANN isn't living up to it's agreement with the U.S Dept. of
Commerce. I'd urge you to also check out these sites:

http://icannatlarge.com/ -A group formed when the ICANN effectively
abolished common user representation.
http://www.icannwatch.com -An ICANN watchdog news site.

jveillo at bellsouth.net

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> Is VeriSign the only company that handles all of our domain names?
> True there are many places to register your domain name but do they all
> in with VeriSign?
> I know I should know this but I sadly don't. It doesn't seem like they
> would/could be the only ones but can someone explain this to me.
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