[thelist] NN4 Form Fields in TD Problem

bread_man breadilicious at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 15 17:01:00 CDT 2002

Hey clive.

I've learned that by putting both a style attribute and a size attribute,
that you can make sure NN4 doesn't make the fields longer than they should
be.  Browsers that take full advantage of CSS will ignore the size and use
the style, while NN4 (and other old browsers that are the bane of my
existance) will ignore the style tag, and use the width.  I wasn't too
carefull making sure that my size and style tags made it so both types of
browsers would render the fields exactly the same width.  I could have if I
cared about NN4 enough. =p  I just want it to not break the line after the
form fields!

I have a deadline in 2 hours to hand this over to the client to make live
tomorrow.  If anyone out there can help me out in the meantime, I will give
you anything.  My soul, a kidney, my first born. =D

Thanks all,



I've had a similar problem with forms in NN4. It seems that no matter
how specifically I try to define the actual width of an input box, NN4
makes it significantly wider than other browsers. That's consistent with
the phone number textboxes in your screenshots (although I can't see why
it doesn't leave the first two together on one line). However, I notice
in the screenshots that your other textboxes (First Name, etc.) are
shorter in NN7 than in NN4. What have you done differently there?

... clive


Thanks for the suggestion.  I had tried this as well, and even as one line
with no spaces, or line breaks, NN4 *still* puts each form field on a
separate line.  There is sufficient width in the cell, it's just inserting a
break for no reason that I can think of!  Can anybody offer any other
suggestions or explanations?

Here's a couple pics of the form.  One correct in NN7, and one inccorrect in


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