[thelist] ODBC Text Driver w/ ColdFusion

John Handelaar john at evolt.org.uk
Tue Oct 15 19:25:00 CDT 2002

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% howdy,
% i'm using the merant odbc text driver that comes with cf5 to
% query log files.  i'm looping over the query results and creating
% individual log files for each unique http_host.  i'm running into
% a problem though.  it appears as if the http_host column can't
% handle more than 22 characters.

Talking to someone I know is more versed in this
stuff than I here, but have you tried getting IIS
to use ODBC logging in the first place?  Left brain
tells me that native-to-native might work better.

And of course if you're not, this suggestion wouldn't
help with older logs - unless convlog can help?

John Handelaar

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