[thelist] vhs video to pc

Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Wed Oct 16 02:16:01 CDT 2002

I would suggest that the magic word here is "Pinnacle". They produce a range
of video  capture cards ranging from:

"Pinnacle Studio AV version 8 - $129.99

Includes Studio version 8 software and an analog capture card for owners of
analog video camcorders. "

and up to high-end solutions designed for digital video sources. There's
more info at:


(They used to do a capture card called "DC-10" which I've used before, this
was a very low-price option for capturing analogue video I don't know
whether the Pinnacle Studio AV version 8 is the replacement for this, but it
looks like it.)

Good luck.


 Cookstour - http://www.cookstour.org

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> Subject: [thelist] vhs video to pc
> Does anyone have ideas on the best way to get video and audio
> from a VHS
> cassette onto a PC?
> I figured I would at least need to run a s-video cable from
> the vcr to an
> s-video input on the pc's video card, or just use composite
> video input. As
> well as running an audio cable from the vcr to pc.
> thanks,
> tom

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