[thelist] creating two-dimensional timetable in ASP/SQLServer

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 16 07:39:01 CDT 2002

Hi Elfur,

I agree with Rudy - it sounds kinda like a Gannt chart in that
you seem to be looking for a graphic representation of the class

If you were working in PHP, I'm pretty sure the GD library would let you
do something like this.  [It lets you create 'programmatical'
graphics on the fly - a very nice thing!]  I've only looked a
little bit, but I haven't yet found a {free} ASP equivalent for the
GD library.

[One other possibility - and I'm kinda talking through my hat here...
But it's an idea.  There are a lot of 'events calendar' programs out
there.  Perhaps you could modify one to display 40 'days' across the
screen and 25 'weeks' down the screen. You might be able to populate
the individual days with graphics that get the look you are going for.]

Good Luck,


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Subject: [thelist] creating two-dimensional timetable in ASP/SQLServer

i'm struggling with creating a two dimensional timetable in ASP.

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