[thelist] Is there ONLY VeriSign???

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Wed Oct 16 07:41:00 CDT 2002

> U.S Department of Commerce seeks to privatize the name and number addressing
> system of Internet->
> -ICANN is formed to oversee this function, among other things->
> -ICANN controlled Internic oversees names(website.com) and IANA
> oversees numbers(>
> -Private companies choosen to operate specific root servers,
> physical machines(.com,.net.,.org,.us..)->
> -Network Solution(owned by Verisign) operates .com, .net,
> and for now .org(soon to be ISOC)->
> -There are other companies like Verisign who operate
> root servers Neustar, Afilias...->
> To be a registrar you need to submit certain application fees plus fees for
> each domain name that you register for someone. For instance, Verisign
> charges $6.00 for each name registered as well as a huge intiaition fee.
> http://icann.org/
> http://www.iana.org/
> http://www.internic.net
> As you can imagine the ICANN is a powerfull corporation that has huge
> political implications that must be held in check. Actually, some believe
> that the ICANN isn't living up to it's agreement with the U.S Dept. of
> Commerce. I'd urge you to also check out these sites:
> http://icannatlarge.com/ -A group formed when the ICANN effectively
> abolished common user representation.
> http://www.icannwatch.com -An ICANN watchdog news site.
> James
> jveillo at bellsouth.net

Thanks a ton. This all helps a lot and answers my question completely :-)

Aaron Schaap

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