[thelist] images as radio buttons

Michael Robertson mike at mikeemedia.com
Wed Oct 16 10:29:01 CDT 2002

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I'm trying write a javascript function that will allow me to select an image from a  group of images like radio buttons and change when selected as well as have the corresponding radio button checked when the image is clicked. This is kind of working however sometimes the images just disappears when clicked as opposed to changing and I would also like the image to return to it's original state when another image is checked. Any suggestions to accomplish this.

function pickChar(who,what,on){
   document.getElementById(what).src= on;

<div id="charLayer1">
        <div class="txtcenter">
            <a href="javascript:;" onClick="pickChar('char1','dude1','../images/char1Aon.gif')">
                <img src="../images/char1A.gif" width="73" height="103" name="dude1" id="dude1" border="0" />
                </a><br />
                <input name="Character" type="radio" value="char1" id="char1" <% If charMod="char1" Then%> checked <% End If %> />

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