[thelist] Opera/CSS/Quark Xpress

DESCHAMPS Stéphane DvSI/SICoR stephane.deschamps at francetelecom.com
Wed Oct 16 11:36:01 CDT 2002

> I've checked out the pages Xpress produces and much of it
> complys to W3C
> standards, with minor exceptions like undefined ALT
> attributes for images.
> Overall, I'm impressed with Quarks ability to pull off such a complex
> application that is primarily designed for print media.

Is it Quark that produces this:

If so it's /bloated/ with unnecessary code.
Not to mention spacers everywhere.

> Anyway, one problem that I'm trying to figure out has to do
> with Opera's
> rendering of CSS. My test pages render perfect in IE6, decent
> in NN4.XX,
> perfect in Mozilla1.01, but has the most trouble with Opera6. The most
> glaring problem I'm having is that a graphic in the left hand top of
> http://www.ebigman.com doesn't show up but a graphic to the
> left does show
> up. Any idea of what might cause this? Are all the other
> browsers parsing
> CSS wrong?

Let's see.
I don't have Opera here so I was just looking at the code and wondering what
could go wrong.

An img (Text482.gif) inside a div (box3) inside a td inside a tr inside a
table inside another div (box1) inside another td inside another tr inside a

My impression? Can't make head or tail of this code.

Sorry but it's unreadable and there's no explicit name anywhere in the code
to help you.

What is the graphic that shows up in Opera?

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