[thelist] Advanced PHP discussion list.

David U. davidu at everydns.net
Wed Oct 16 21:23:01 CDT 2002

Jackson Yee wrote:
> I just posed the question because I've
> really disliked fragmentation of talents versus having one large
> group with many diverse people and ideas to scroll through and browse
> at your own leisure.

Exactly, people have pointed out the regional PHP groups but I don't think
that fills my void, although maybe I'm just discounting them because of
their location-based purpose. (which may be wrong on my part)

> There are far too many websites and mailing
> lists concerning PHP as it is, so if you could find one similar to
> Evolt, I'd be very interested in lurking around for a while.

I agree, and if you find one please let me know. :-)

I'm looking for high signal/noise ratio and a pretty high level of clue.  To
be honest, I have come pretty close by staying up to date with the horde
framework. (horde.org) -- they cut some great code.

We can see where this new list goes.  Who knows, maybe there are others who
are looking for this sort of list, if not the worst that can happen is we
DONT get more email in our inbox. :-)


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