[thelist] "embedding crap HTML"

Clive R Sweeney clive at designshift.com
Wed Oct 16 23:51:00 CDT 2002

Reading posts from last weekend, I noticed in a message from aardvark -
and I'm taking this out of context - the comment "i helped build the
CMS, and coded all the pages, and ensured people weren't embedding crap
HTML into their content..."

What steps does one take to ensure people aren't "embedding crap HTML
into their content..."? I was part of a recent site redesign that
included a fairly basic CMS and I know this is a significant issue. If
you have a few dozen people authorized to edit content in assigned pages
throughout the site, how do you keep them from adding their own "special
touches" that may contradict both the style guide established for the
site and valid markup?

I'm assuming it must require providing users with an editing system that
allows them to identify headers, paragraphs, lists, etc. but that does
not allow direct creation of HTML.

... clive

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