[thelist] Newbie Introduction (OT)

Abhay S. Kushwaha abhayk at netsolutionsindia.com
Thu Oct 17 04:40:01 CDT 2002

> So if I ask some rather bizarre questions, please bare with me..

"bare" ??

I refuse to indulge in your fantasies! I'll help in answering your
questions that are on-topic where/when I can though. :)

<tip type="The List - Good Habits" author="abhay">
It is a good idea to qualify your mail with the first word of the
subject being the category, preferably in "[]". For example:

Subject: [Flash] Opening pages in frames
Subject: [Photoshop] Layer problems
Subject: [CSS,HTML,ASP] how did they do that?

This will not only help the readers isolate the technologies they're
interested in first and easily, you will also be able to easily reach
people with similar interests better.


PS: just cudn't resist sending this one in... :-P

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