[thelist] Website check: www.pml.ac.uk

Kevin Sedgley kese at pml.ac.uk
Thu Oct 17 05:13:00 CDT 2002


I have to write a brief summary on where our company's website could be
doing better. I'm trying to get the point of the W3C's WAI across to the
powers that be, as well as web standards, but in a language they'll
understand (non techy). I can't just say "nested tables: they're so
passé..." Any tips? Has anyone had to try and convince management to
change something that works fine as it is?

The site is <http://www.pml.ac.uk/>

I'd appreciate if someone with moz / Netscape / opera could give it a
check as well: we're only allowed to have IE on our machines... :(



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