[thelist] Website check: www.pml.ac.uk

Mark Hyde (Pentact) mahyde at pentact.co.zw
Thu Oct 17 06:34:01 CDT 2002

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Subject: [thelist] Website check: www.pml.ac.uk

> I'd appreciate if someone with moz / Netscape / opera could give it a
> check as well: we're only allowed to have IE on our machines... :(

Main page looks fine and similar to IE6, in the following, on Win 2k Pro:

Mozilla 1.1
Opera 6.0

However, the central image doesn't change as you mouse over the left hand
links in Mozilla and Opera, as it does in IE6. Similarly, the "tool tips'
don't appear on mousing over the upper right hand batch of links.

Mark Hyde

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