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Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
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Of course I'm biased, but yes, ColdFusion would be suitable. Although I
have to agree w/ the other person - since you already know ASP, you may
want to consider .Net.

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> Hi,
> I work for a company with a site at www.bigbarn.co.uk. The
> website has a mapping function whereby the user enters their
> postcode/zipcode and are presented with a map of their area
> with icons to display various bits of information.
> At the moment the site is built with ASP and an Access
> database. Originally this was fine - traffic was low and the
> database held a relatively small amount of data.
> Now, however, the site is building, traffic is increasing and
> I am aware that Access is no longer suitable for the job.
> I have been thinking about changing the site to a php/mysql
> backend but I am relatively unsure about the pros and cons of
> this. Would any other technology be suitable eg: ColdFusion?
> Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!
> Matt MacLeod

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