[thelist] [Hosting] Looking for Co-hosting solution

Williams, Alice AWilliams at rfbd.org
Thu Oct 17 08:48:01 CDT 2002

Hi Abhay,
I was too fed up with my hosting co.'s support, and I was going to have to pay extra for php, asp and mySQL support on the server.  So I got a call one day from Data Centurion I'm moving my site as we speak to their servers.  They are a company out of Toronto.  You can go to there web site datacenturion.com.  If you aren't satisfied with the pricing I can email you my contact to find a suitable plan.  he's great guy.  So far things look good and the tools are easy to use, this hosting co gives me more options for my clients.

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	I want to co-host a server (maybe two... depending) and I can't seem
	to find a good company... primarily due to my lack of trust. The
	company I'm with is so asinine about giving support and rectifying
	issues, it isn't even pathetic anymore! :P

	Can you guys recommend somebody? Not out of the blue suggestions...
	tried and tested people you would go to... people you trust.


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