[thelist] AOL to stop using pop ups

Kevin p+evolt at redbrick.dcu.ie
Thu Oct 17 11:38:15 CDT 2002

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 01:04:34PM -0500, David.Cantrell at Gunter.AF.mil wrote:
> >But I guess it's OK for AOL to use them for its own purposes. From outside
> >AOL, try:
> >     http://www.aol.com

> Thanks to Proxomitron, I don't see any of their popups, ads, etc. :)

> I've been a super-happy web surfer ever since I installed it. :D

> Every now and then an ad or popup will slip through, but a quick filter
> update and *poof* they go away!

> http://www.proxomitron.org/

I'm not a big fan of advert disabling myself.

Although I prefer to surf without ads when I visit sites I respect I know that
they're losing out on revenue if i'm using one of those ad blockers so I don't


- Kevin

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