[thelist] Ideas Please (Integrating web Content with a Print Medium)

Brian W. Reaves brian at brianreaves.com
Thu Oct 17 15:04:00 CDT 2002

Here's the big picture:
- Currently a yearly print publication of professionals is created and
mailed to subscribers & the listed professionals (About 200 pages)
- They want to move towards a web version of the publication
- In the mean time the yearly printing has to continue until they can phase
it out
- As soon as the site is live it will replace in-house task such as: data
collection, data edits, subscriptions, and renewal notices, while allowing
the professional to access and edit their entered information On-Line
- So far, no big deal...
- The client want to send the printer, each year, to the site to get the
content instead of having to format it and send the files in-house
- The printer needs the content in a print ready file format (PDF, Quark
PageMaker, there may be others)
- The site will remain dynamic through out
- Has anyone created a system to do just this?

My guess is I will have to get into XML (Which I do not know yet) and also
use CSS printing options.

If anyone would be interested in doing this element of the project as a
sub-contractor, lets discuss it further. If you have more questions, just
ask: brian at brianreaves.com.

Please advise...


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