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Natalie Klein nkle at lle.rochester.edu
Thu Oct 17 16:08:01 CDT 2002

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I just returned from a satellite broadcast that discussed providing
(section 508, etc.) accessibility in distance learning environments. The
statement was made that adaptive technologies, i.e., screen readers, could
not read pdf files. I thought they could. Is this true? Or is it related to
older versions of Acrobat or JAWS? I am prompted to ask mainly because
their sample videos showed people using screen readers on in classroom
environments that were using Apple II's and desktop pc's with 5 1/2 inch
floppy drives.

Actually, I am interested in hearing about anybody's experiences with
adaptive technology. While I do not work in an educational environment, I
do work at a federally funded project at a university. I understand that
the newest version of JAWs made some significant leaps in handling frames,
etc. However, are people really using the newest version or is it too
expensive/just hasn't reached saturation yet?

Thanks in advance,

Natalie Klein
Software Development Group
Laboratory for Laser Energetics
University of Rochester
240 East River Road
Rochester, New York 14623-1299




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