[thelist] image over text?

Kevin Isom kisom at diocesan.school.nz
Thu Oct 17 16:15:10 CDT 2002

Put the text in a div and position it over the image with the
style="position:absolute; left:XXpx; top:XXpx; width:XXpx;
height:XXpx;....whatever you need. Hope this helps.

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OK, I know someone here will have some ideas for this.
I am working on a site for a resort and what I want to do on the
opening page is have text that lies on top of an image. I don't want to
use a big image in it (like I am in the example I have linked) but
rather use live text over an image. Can I do this without using the
picture as a background tile? There can be so many problem with that.
Maybe it is the best way to go.

My concern with it not being a gif or jpeg picture/text is that I want
the text to be available to search engines and so on.

this is what I what it to look like:


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