[thelist] CSS feature requests

Bird, Graham Graham.Bird at rspb.org.uk
Fri Oct 18 04:06:12 CDT 2002


Is there a group of designers who are collectively putting CSS feature
requests to the browser manufacturers? What is the rationale behind the
choice (by the manufacturers) of which features are worked on and which are
left out?

Although I would hope that all browsers are moving towards full CSS3
support, is there anything we can do to state a preference over what they
concentrate on and/or how they do it?

For example, two things that Mozilla supports are border-radii and alpha
transparencies, but although there are CSS3 properties to describe these
(border-radius and opacity), the Mozilla developers have used proprietary
descriptions (-moz-border-radius and -moz-opacity). So, it can be done
(great!) but why not use the standards?

The number of designers who are attempting to stick to the standards is
growing, but as we delve more into the possibilities of CSS, we become more
aware of it's "limitations" (actually more the limitations of the browser

'Why can't we have rounded corners again?' says my boss. 'Well, it's in CSS3

I guess what I'm saying is - do we have a voice? Can we let "them" know that
these are things we would dearly like?!



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