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Abhay S. Kushwaha abhayk at netsolutionsindia.com
Fri Oct 18 04:56:01 CDT 2002

I've never heard of this page-compression thing... how is it done? and
how is it implemented in the browsers? i mean... even if i compress
it, will the browser automagically uncompress it? .... there are no

Inform me... this is *new* and *exciting* information for me.


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> so I would compress the webpage on the server before delivering it
to the
> client.
> This is easy to do on an Apache webserver (use mod_gzip, or use your
> language of choice to compress the page with gzip), and this will
have a
> much greater impact than using CSS. I see you're using IIS, so I'm
> too sure how you do that with ASP, but I'm sure there's something
> there that does it for you.
> On all our production web applications we enable this page
> and the results are pretty amazing -- one of our applications is a
> property management system, and on a particular screen there can be
> table with 15 columns of data and 200 rows, all laid out in HTML.
> amounted to about 150k when not compressed, and when using page
> compression, was reduced to about 15k, so you can see the benefit --
> reduced server load, and quicker download times!
> This page loads up like lightning even on a 56k modem, so you can
> imagine our clients are quite happy with that!
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