[thelist] Java, XML and JSP. (LONG)

David Appleton david.appleton at barnardos.org.uk
Fri Oct 18 05:33:01 CDT 2002


For simplicity I currently have only one XML file which controls all navigation throughout the site (that is until you get to local navigation).  But then this is only my first attempt.

On the left hand side of each page, there is a simple global navigation which remains static throughout.  On the right hand side is where the Section and local Navigation is found.  This will be different for every page and looks something like below (assuming that it goes through e-mail ok).

+ Primary Section Title
+ Section A
+ Section B
+   Sub-section1
+   Sub-section2
+     Local Nav1
+     Local Nav2
+   Sub-Section 3
+ Section C

Everything on here is dynamic, apart for the 'Local Nav' links - these are created by hand and only refer to pages held within the area 'Sub-section2'.  In essence this will allow us to create self-contained sections which are made by hand and link to pages only within that section.  These sections become modular and very portable when they are added to the XML file as they can be plugged in to the site where ever we like so we no longer have to concern ourselves with the surrounding section navigation.

I suppose this idea lets XML enforce a site structure and deals with all cross sectional links.  Internal section links are made by hand and the JSP will insert them into the navigation table at the appropriate position.

Maybe in the future there will be a need to split my XML file in to section fragments, but right now, it's small enough to work as a single file.

Anyway - Have a good weekend.

>>> David.Cantrell at Gunter.AF.mil 17 October 2002 19:44:40 >>>
One question is, do you maintain only one central XML file for every section (aka sub-site), and does the XML file model only global navigation between sections, or does it also model navigation within those sections?


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