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Simon Lee simon.lee at leapforward.net
Fri Oct 18 06:05:01 CDT 2002

> I've never heard of this page-compression thing... how is it
> done? and how is it implemented in the browsers? i mean...
> even if i compress it, will the browser automagically
> uncompress it? .... there are no limitations?
> Inform me... this is *new* and *exciting* information for me.
> [abhay]
Most modern browsers have gzip decompression built-in, and will
automatically uncompress content that is compressed in gzip.

When a browser requests a page from a webserver, it will send in the
header of its request a parameter called "Accept-Encoding" with a value
of "gzip, deflate" as an example. This means the server can check to see
if the browser supports gzip compression, and if so, compress the page
before sending it back....voila!

The difference it makes to a site that has a lot of text-based
information is nothing short of astounding!

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