[thelist] CSS feature requests

Liorean Liorean at user.bip.net
Fri Oct 18 14:45:01 CDT 2002

At 10:08 2002-10-18 +0100, Bird, Graham wrote:
>Is there a group of designers who are collectively putting CSS feature
>requests to the browser manufacturers? What is the rationale behind the
>choice (by the manufacturers) of which features are worked on and which
>are left out?

Well, as for Opera and Mozilla, there's many, many of them.

>Although I would hope that all browsers are moving towards full CSS3
>support, is there anything we can do to state a preference over what they
>concentrate on and/or how they do it?

CSS3 isn't even finalised yet...

>For example, two things that Mozilla supports are border-radii and alpha
>transparencies, but although there are CSS3 properties to describe these
>(border-radius and opacity), the Mozilla developers have used proprietary
>descriptions (-moz-border-radius and -moz-opacity). So, it can be done
>(great!) but why not use the standards?

First of all, Mozilla uses -moz- on properties with bugs, not implemented
exactly to the specs, and properties that aren't in a CSS specification
yet. (CSS3 hasn't gone a recommendation yet)

>The number of designers who are attempting to stick to the standards is
>growing, but as we delve more into the possibilities of CSS, we become
>more aware of it's "limitations" (actually more the limitations of the
>browser implementations).

Often, the limitations lie on both the W3C and the browsers. W3C are slow,
and browsers often wait with implementing a feature that they don't truly
need or want, and that has not yet been included in a recommendation.

>'Why can't we have rounded corners again?' says my boss. 'Well, it's in
>CSS3 but...'

It's not in CSS3 yet... it'll likely be there when CSS3 is made a
recommendation, though. That's my point with the previous comment... CSS3
is just a collection of working drafts as of now, it's no recommendation.

>I guess what I'm saying is - do we have a voice? Can we let "them" know
>that these are things we would dearly like?!

Tell Mozilla so in bugzilla (there's probably already a feature request for
it, though, so search for that one before posting).
Opera are also taking comments, as are the KDE developers.
MS may be a harder nut, though.

// Liorean

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