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Viveka listmail2 at karmanaut.com
Fri Oct 18 17:47:01 CDT 2002

At 9:53 PM +0200 18/10/02, Liorean wrote:
>At 10:08 2002-10-18 +0100, Bird, Graham wrote:
>>as we delve more into the possibilities of CSS, we become
>>more aware of it's "limitations" (actually more the limitations of the
>>browser implementations).
>Often, the limitations lie on both the W3C and the browsers. W3C are slow,
>and browsers often wait with implementing a feature that they don't truly
>need or want, and that has not yet been included in a recommendation.

And for good reason too.

W3C need to be slow, so they can get it right. We'll be stuck with
whatever they come up with, and there are a lot of little issues to
be sorted out to make a good spec. See
http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/ for some insight into
the process.

Browser vendors need to be careful; poorly implemented CSS is worse
than no CSS at all. For example, NN4 and line-height. You want to add
a little leading to your type, so you set line-height to 1.1ems.
Unfortunately, NN4 interprets that as 1.1 ems + the 1em that it's
already using, giving you massively doublespaced type. Feh! All our
lives would be improved if NN4 had *no* stylesheet support. The moz-
tags for tentatively-supported CSS is a great solution - allowing us
to use undertested CSS features now, without making our lives harder
in the future.


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