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s t e f notabene at members.evolt.org
Sat Oct 19 05:07:01 CDT 2002

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>Hi all
>I'm looking into the use of Netscape on intranets.  If I google
>"netscape intranet" I get loads of documents circa 1996-1999 about how
>good NS4 is and Netscape's then new server software, but little up to
>date info.
>I was wondering how many people that use intranets use NS as their
>browser (which version and whether it was intregrated it with some of
>NS's server products).  Also, if there are intranets out there that
>started on NS and have since switched to IE.

France Telecom (french telecom company) has an intranet that was based on
NN4 for a long time. Now as computer architectures modernize, and as NN4 is
becoming way too old, the move towards a common platform is in favour of an
all-microsoft solution for desktops, thus now IE is the recommended
navigator on the intranet.

As for me I prefer to code with cross-browser methods as much as possible,
just in case our technical architects decide one day in the future that NS7
is the way to go and make the switch back from MSIE to NS. (standards,

However for economical reasons of course the move won't be done easily
(more than maybe 100,000 machines).

Here's my little knowledge, hoping it helps.

s t e f

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