[thelist] css specs for font sizes (was: table widths, td widths)

s t e f notabene at members.evolt.org
Sat Oct 19 09:22:01 CDT 2002

<who="shawn allen" when="15:35 18/10/02 -0700">
>Furthermore, there are a lot of users out there that don't
>even know the text resizing feature exists in their browser (or worse,
>they've tried to use it before on a site with absolute font sizes and
>just given up!). Windows users will probably tell you your text is
>either too small or (more likely, since the default size for most
>browsers is pretty large) too big.

That's funny because it's what someone (who is very tech-savvy for other
things, being a security responible in a large company) said once when
visiting my web site.

"Hey stef your text sure is small. Why did you design it so badly???"
I just replied: "Display>Bigger fonts" -- he was in 'smallest' mode and
didn't even know it!

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