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Ken Kogler ken.kogler at curf.edu
Sat Oct 19 13:45:01 CDT 2002

Check out this *EXCELLENT* resource:

I'd read the other 29 days while you're at it, too... Good stuff.


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Hello. I've read that IE4/5 uses "Small" as their default font size
of "Medium". The site I'm creating will not have separate style sheets
now, but inline styles. I'll go further as I learn more. But I'd like to
know if there is a way to specify a style sheet only for IE4/5 so I can
correct the default font size for that browser. Then hopefully the rest
my font size specifications will look the same across browsers.

I know there is an issue with Netscape 4, but I'm not going to worry
font size there right now.

Jean Peterson

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