[thelist] How many IE6 gripes can you list before Monday?

Timothy J. Luoma lists at tntluoma.com
Sat Oct 19 14:24:00 CDT 2002

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In an interesting set of events, I have been asked to create a list of
gripes regarding IE6 for a very well known columnist in a very well
known Ziff-Davis print magazine.

Here is a portion of the kind of things he wants to write about, in his
own words, (discussing a JavaScript slide show script):

"It does not work on Opera, makes a regular slideshow on Mozilla but
loses the fade in and fade out feature and works on older versions of IE
just fine. On the newest IE it herky-jerks the slides and often misses
them. It's ridiculous. Also what happened to the IE bookmark list? It's
now an unalphabetized mess. This browser is just getting worse by the
minute. I'm doing an article on this and other IE problems. If you have
a laundry list of complaints I'll include them all (or the best ones,
anyway). Take some good shots."

So gang, we all love to gripe and grouse about browser hacks, DOM
variations, Quirks and Strict mode variations, JScript vs JavaScript,
the Box Model, etc....  Let's take this chance to voice our beefs!

Please send me direct emails regarding this subject to:
nwoods at nextstepdesigns.com, as I might miss your comments on the NG.


Nathan Woods


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