[thelist] left alignment in a table cell won't flush left

Bird bird at koolfish.com
Sat Oct 19 22:24:00 CDT 2002

I seem to be having this problem regularly so I must be doing something
wrong but can't figure it out at all.

In a table row the table is split into 2 cells. The first cell contains
an image, the second cell has text which I want to align left. The first
cell has width size the same as the image, the second cell has however
many pixels left. The trouble is when the browser displays the page the
text is no where near the image, it has a huge space between it as if it
is being pushed right over to the middle of the cell.

You can see what I mean at www.asiantennis.com
Under headlines look at the Asian championships logo and then to its
right is the caption Asian Championships Uzbekistan 2002 14th - 20th
October 2002.

Why does the text not go to the left edge of the cell?

Any insight would be most helpful for me.



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