[thelist] MySQL export for non-technical client

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sun Oct 20 01:43:01 CDT 2002

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> You could open port 3306 to their office and let
> them use the ODBC-Mysql connector for Windows to
> pull it into Access.
> ------------------------------------------
> John Handelaar

Any chance you could save me some troubleshooting time? I keep getting the
error "Lost connection to MySQL server during query" I suspect it's an
authentication issue, but I can't see how to fix it.

Doin it manually, I first create the connection to the server with PuTTY on
port 22 (I note you specifically mention port 3306, which wouldn't be an SSH
connection, would it?) using the server username and password. Only then do
I enter the MySQL connection info (user/password) which is all the ODBC
driver contains.

I can't figure out how to perform the original connection before Access
tries to connect to MySQL.

Am I missing something obvious?


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