[thelist] Database: Replacing MS Access?

Hassan Mostafa sensored at gmx.net
Sun Oct 20 10:36:00 CDT 2002

As I see it you have these options:

1) keep on using the Access database and connect to it with ODBC

2) use a program like Importer from Datanamic (www.datanamic.com) to
import your Access database into MySQL or PostgreSQL etc etc.

I'm not really a database guy so I can't help you much more.



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> I'd like to be able to pitch MS Office. It is for me, too problematic
> set
> of programs , and quite frankly if I use any part, it would be almost
> exclusively the most basic functions of Word. The only thing that
keeps it
> on my machine is that Word has an outliner. I hear that StartOffice 6
> one as well, and so am willing to take a look at that.
> The other issue is that from time to time, I need to read from  and
> Access more basic (standard) features.
> Is there some program, set of programs, approaches that would allow me
> create, access and edit MS Access databases without the need to
> have MS Access installed machines? I know that Access can use ODBC. Is
> there an alternative that someone can suggest?
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