[thelist] image borders for netscape

Merlene Paynter Blacha merlene_blacha at sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 20 14:55:01 CDT 2002

Hi Dave,
Ok... I'm looking at "CSS Pocket Reference" and see the following:

"Sets the style of overall border of an element... Note that setting the
border-style to none (its default value) results in no border at all...
Navigator 4.x doesn't reset the border-width to zero if border-style is
none, but incorrectly honors the border-width setting."

The book further states that "Navigator 4.x creates visible borders when
no border-style is set and doesn't set borders on all sides when style
is set."

So if I understand this correctly (and as a newbie to CSS I may be
wrong) you'll need to set

IMG {border-style:none}

Merlene Blacha

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Yeah.  That works only if it's in the 'a' tag, not in the img tag:

a {border:none}
img {border:none}

While this successfully removes the border, it also removes the anchor.



> Have you tried border:none
> HTH,
> Merlene Blacha

> Subject: [thelist] image borders for netscape
> Is there a way to use CSS to turn off the border of an image in
> 4?
> I know that 'border:0' doesn't work.  I've also tried matching the
> border to
> the body background color but that doesn't work either.
> Any ideas?
> Dave

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