[thelist] MySQL export for non-technical client

Andrew Mottershead andrew at mindstream.co.uk
Sun Oct 20 17:38:01 CDT 2002

Hello there,

> What's the simplest way for a non-technical client to obtain
> the contents of a MySQL database?

If you download the free dbtools from http://www.dbtools.com.br/EN/
there is a wizard in this cool tool which allows export from mySQL to

I think it would take you about 10 min to suss it and about 20 min to
work through it with your client.


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> What's the simplest way for a non-technical client to obtain
> the contents of a MySQL database? The only option I can see
> is screen scraping, since they can display the entire
> contents on a web page.
> Environment notes: the site and db are hosted on a Unix box,
> and the only access is via SSH. The client will need the
> final product in a Windows friendly format, probably Access or Excel.
> joel
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