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John Handelaar john at evolt.org.uk
Sun Oct 20 18:00:01 CDT 2002

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% Hi Richard,
% Have you tried posting a well-worded ad on
% http://www.noagenciesplease.com yet?

Actually, don't.  Because it's the same engine and
people as freelance.net, it has the same reputation:
specifically, you'll be buried among the hundreds
of other slackwits who post jobs asking for 10 years'
PLC-level experience and a degree in graphic design
and 5 years' experience in Visual Basic, Python, Java
and C++, offering ?10,000 per annum.

If the email list attached to the same site is
anything to go by, then the average level of regular
candidate isn't much better, IMHO.

John Handelaar

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