[thelist] left alignment in a table cell won't flush left

Bird bird at koolfish.com
Sun Oct 20 18:38:00 CDT 2002

Dear Josh,
Thanks for all the insights.

I seem to be having this problem regularly so I must be doing
> something wrong but can't figure it out at all.
> You can see what I mean at www.asiantennis.com
> Under headlines look at the Asian championships logo and then to its
> right is the caption Asian Championships Uzbekistan 2002 14th - 20th
> October 2002.
> Why does the text not go to the left edge of the cell?

Turn on the table's border (border="1") and you will see the reason.

I'm sorry I still didn't get it when I turned on the tables borders.

One more question.
If you put both the image and the text in the same cell and then float
the image and align the text to be middle, can you only have one line of
text next to the image? My text is two lines and once I hit <br> the
second line goes below the image. Does the <br clear="all" /> only work
for the next paragraph of text? I solved my problem by aligning left and
just putting in some <p> tags to move the text down but I was wondering
about the above.

Thanks a lot


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