[thelist] PHP help wanted & fonts tip + OT CSSd down?

Geoff Sheridan web2k2 at premonition.co.uk
Mon Oct 28 07:27:01 CST 2002

>If you want to code in PHP then you can get the file size and divide it by
>known connection speeds. So if you have a file that is 86Kb;
>28Kbps connection - 3.07 seconds
>33Kbps connection - 2.61 seconds

That can't be right, surely. You've been on broadband too long :)
I thought 3 seconds for a 28k modem was a bit quick, so I wondered
how long a 1Mb file would take by those sums:

1000k / 33Kbps = 30.3 seconds.

I don't think anyone who suffered for years with a dial-up connection
as I did would think that very likely. It's more like 5-6mins, I
reckon, and that's a *much* bigger error than can be explained by
'33kbps isn't always as fast as it says'.

I'm also confused as to the right way to work this out - anyone care
to explain?


PS Is CSS-discuss down?

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