[thelist] [Site Specs] How to create/project site maps/specs? Techniques, Tools, etc.?

Austin Govella austin at desiremedia.com
Mon Oct 28 12:25:01 CST 2002

> I have been wondering what you consider is the best way to create and
> project a site map/specifications for a site that you are about to
> quote to a client?

For clients, sales, and pitches, a site map is a presentation graphic.

For my own use, I do quickie site maps using DreamWeaver, or even just
sketch something out really quick. These look like crap to a client.

If you're trying to sell a client, you should hand your sketch or DW site
map to a graphic designer and let them put something together in a layout
program; something nice you can print at a nice size in color.

If you *must* present the site map virtually, you can do it as one big
graphic. As long as it looks nice. I don't think they'll mind waiting for
it to download. Alternately, you could do something quick in Flash. Kind
of like an interactive site map. I've never done this, but I've been
thinking about it, and I think it would work really well.

Whatever you decide, if your pitching to a client, your graphics should be
pitch quality. And not just because they look nice, but because they
communicate better.

A business manager, or even a marketing guru staring at your hieroglyphic
scrawl of boxes and arrows won't make much sense of anything, other than:
a) the site is organized into sections, and b) there's some sort of
hierarchy at work.

A graphically designed site map will communicate sections, sub-pages, page
functions and attributes. It's an information graphic, something they can
look at and (in keeping with Tufte) get both broad view, as well as
develop detailed closer readings of areas that interest them.

As for communicating the technology your using, don't worry too much about
it. I've never had a client who really cared more about the technology
than they did about the functionality. I usually tell them what I'm using,
  briefly, and then expound on what functionality and benefits they'll
receive. That's what they really care about, the benefits.

That's my two cents on this...


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