[thelist] recommendations on spam filtering for ex2k

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Mon Oct 28 13:00:00 CST 2002

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> From: Doug and Susan Appleton [mailto:sdappleton at halifax.com]
> It really depends on what your operating system is..

well i *did* say ex2k which only comes for windows since it's from m$.

> Server is the best.. Afterall , aren't your clients paying
> for a spam free
> system?

well yes, but i recently evaluated iHateSpam from Sunbelt Software and i
think it's pretty good.

the one thing i'm wary about with server based spam filtering is that
you don't see what's being filtered.  at least not immediately like with
client filtering. for example iHateSpam shows you what it thinks is spam
and sends it to a special folder where you can peruse it for any
miscalculations and save your email(s).

any other recommendations for windows os and exchange 2000?


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