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Mon Oct 28 13:38:01 CST 2002

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   From: "Chris W. Parker" <cparker at swatgear.com>

 > that's where experimentation comes in. does it work for you? does it
  >work in your project? well then it's probably ok. if you have
  >questions about the reliability, go ahead and ask about that.
  >otherwise take a quick look on google to see if you can find anything,
  >reliable or not.

When it comes to browser data, I don't really have the time to assume it's
true only to find out after my site is done that they were wrong about IE5.5
supporting Javascript. And I don't own all of the various browsers/platforms
to test it for myself. So I ask. I've asked similar questions on other
lists, like what percentage of people still use NN4.* and received a wide
variety of answers. If I looked online, I'd probably get the same references
but without the valuable opinions and counterpoints of those who have
already found the problems with certain sites' figures on browser use.

  >what do you mean by windows browsers? are referring to IE or are you
   >lso considering netscape, mozilla, and opera?

I was looking for info on all popular browsers (i.e. those you mention) on
both platforms. The chart that was on the Webmonkey page he referenced
listed the popular browsers but only on Windows. I later found links on that
same page to Mac and Linux charts as well.

Jean Peterson

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